Seaward & Stearn x He Spoke Style "Versatile Stripe" Wool Tie

Our Take

If you haven't heard of Seaward & Stearn, allow us make the introduction. For decades, they've been producing fine, luxury handmade neckwear and accessories for some of the most prestigious, exclusive and respected men's apparel brands around the world. We chose the storied London maker for our flagship private label collection not only for their exceptional pedigree, but because their vision of style is the spitting image of ours - classic with a modern sensibility. 

Each of the pieces in our AW17 collection was carefully selected to be timeless, classic and versatile, yet at the same time, singular and unique. Essentials for the modern man of style who values quality and understated elegance above all else.

Our "Versatile Stripe" tie is designed to be your "Goldilocks" tie this fall and winter season - not too formal, not too casual, just right for any day of the week. Made of thick and luxurious 100% woven wool, its brown, navy and grey stripe ensures that the tie stays true to its namesake as an endlessly versatile piece of neckwear. Honestly, formal events aside, you'd be hard pressed to name an occasion where this tie wouldn't look great.


Material: 100% woven wool
Width: 8cm
Length: 147 cm

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