Ronson Touch Tip Lighter In Ivory Enamel

We have here a Ronson Touch Tip Ivory Enamel table lighter. It's a 1950s-era “modern” touch tip for the smoking lounge, finished in uncommon ivory enamel. Fully reconditioned with new mechanics, and a modern wick for many years service. Original parts throughout ready to add that “modern antique” accent to your bartop, desk, or coffee table. Made in Newark, New Jersey.

How It Works

The touch tip mechanism is operated by removing the wand or permanent match, and activating the spark wheel button, lighting the wick to be brought to your cigarette or cigar!

Ronson Touch Tip Lighters: A Brief History

Ronson Touch Tip Table lighters were an essential accoutrement in the 1930s smoker's home--most famously shown in Sam Spade's office during the Maltese Falcon opening sequence. A large variety of designs and art deco styles were developed and produced prior to World War II.

During the war, Ronson converted production for the war effort. Following the war, retooling led to a shift in designs. A few touch tips continued post war, most notably the Octette shown in both pre- and post-war models provided.

As population, prosperity, and industrial production grew, Ronson designed many one-motion lighters for the home table top. The Crown and Queen Anne are prominent examples of the Mid-Century design, and luxury with the heavy silver plating. These lighters were a common wedding or house warming gift for smokers throughout the late 1940s and 1950s.

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