Mühle Travel Shaving Brush

Our Take

If you've become a wet shaving devotee, you'll want to take your kit with you even when you travel. However, traveling with an expensive and high-quality shaving brush presents a myriad of problems, chief among them, finding a way to keep the brush hair from getting mangled in your dopp kitt. In a pinch, a spent toilet paper roll tube will do the trick, but that's not exactly the most elegant or elevated solution.

For the true connoisseur, allow us to present Mühle's exquisite travel shaving brush. Made of chrome-plated metal, it solves the mangled brush hair problem by offering a detachable silvertip fibre brush head that unscrews and neatly slides into the hollow handle. For ultimate longevity, we recommend allowing the brush to dry thoroughly before storing in the handle and packing away in your dopp kit.

Size: .9 x 3.25 inches (brush detached)
Material: Chrome, silvertip fibre

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