La Compagnie du Kraft Leather Notebook

Our Take

Here at He Spoke Style, we're constantly brainstorming new and creative and ways to bring you the best original men's style content online, which is why we love a good notebook. If all of those ideas didn't get written down, chances are they'd be forgotten - hey, we've all been there at one time or another and you know just how ridiculously frustrating that can be.

La Compagnie du Kraft's leather notebook is our notebook of choice. Made of shrunken leather from the Aveyron region of France, the notebook comes with brass binding screws and your choice of brown or white lined paper. Additionally, you'll find a kraft folder at the back of the notebook - perfect for storing cocktail napkins containing the great ideas you dreamed up over drinks with an associate that night you, unfortunately, forgot your notebook at the office.

But the best part? It's refillable, meaning the leather cover will acquire a wonderful patina over many years of faithful use. 

RECOMMENDED: La Compagnie du Kraft Notebook Refill

Size: 8.3 x 5.9 inches
Material: Leather cover, brass binding screw
Origin: Handmade in France

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