About Us

When we started He Spoke Style in 2013, our goal was to create a website that filled a void in menswear online. That site would bridge the gap between the many informational sites and inspirational ones in an honest, approachable and relatable way. 

Since then, our little website has become one of the premier online destinations for high-quality original men's style content and a trusted source for advice, opinions and recommendations. We like to believe that's due, in part, to our uncompromising approach to quality and integrity. Those same values are the driving force behind the He Spoke Style Shop. 

The HSS Shop is here to bring you a selection of products we've chosen especially for you, our readers. Because we've gotten to know you so well over the years, our product lineup is filled with things we know you're going to like. A lot. From classic and timeless (but singular and unique) menswear accessories to a variety of travel, grooming, office and home items, we've filled our "shelves" with products you'll like, but more importantly, things we personally use and love.

We certainly hope you enjoy what you find in the HSS Shop as much as we do.