Rolex Datejust Reference 1603

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The Story

In 1945 Rolex made history with the introduction of the Datejust, and subsequently dictated the direction of wrist worn watches for decades to come. We take it for granted but in 1945 to be able to own a watch that automatically jumped to the next day at midnight, that was revolutionary. What you are looking at here is a reference 1603.

The Datejust makes it onto the list, and high on that list, of most easily recognizable and sought after watches in the world. Everyone from children who grew up seeing their fathers buckle it on before work, to those who fondly remember back to the first “nice” watch they ever bought. Almost nothing else has what it takes to be the perfect watch for everyday life.

We look at watches like the Submariner or the GMT, and as wonderful and timeless as they are, their rugged nature can only take them so far. They belong in the ocean and the sky, though they can easily slip almost undetected into a dinner party. But that is as far as they dare go. Another step and they are in territory where the Datejust shines.

As you stand gazing into the eyes of the person you have vowed to spend the rest of your life with, what elegance is better suited? As you hold your children for the first time what better a way to be simply, yet firmly reminded of how time will fly? The unassuming but bold dial that will keep track of work and play, baseball games and birthday parties, school plays and graduations. What better a watch than this to sit on your wrist as you roll through the years, amassing story after story?

There is a reason that countless people from multiple generations have chosen this watch to ride the calm waves or brave the terrible tempests of life with them. There is a reason that they pass it down from parent to child, to grandchild and beyond. It can always take more.

The Details

Maker: Rolex
Model: Datejust
Reference: 1603
Material: Stainless steel
Diameter: 36mm (excluding crown)
Bracelet/Strap: Black Horween shell cordovan leather strap
Lug width: 20mm

Overall Condition

Stainless steel Oyster case is in very strong condition over all. Engine turned steel bezel is likewise in every good condition. Dial is in very good condition overall showing fine patina to the luminescent elements. Some lume has been dropped on the minute hand. Aftermarket crystal.


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