Le Noeud Papillon Modified Butterfly Bow Tie

Our Take

It's no secret that we firmly believe that Le Noeud Papillon make the best bow ties in the world. We believe it because it's true. Not only are Le Noeud Papillon bow ties of the highest quality satin and grosgrain silks, but each and every one is hand-cut by a single man, Nicholas Atgemis, in his Sydney, Australia atelier. That type of personal craftsmanship and passion is rare in our world today and it's something worth celebrating. 


Material: 100% Italian jacquard woven mogador satin or grosgrain silk
Color: Black
Finished with black hardware
Hand-stitched label
Self-tying but can be pre-tied
Dimensions: Approx. 12cm wide and 7cm tall
Made in Australia

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