Edward Sexton x He Spoke Style Powder Blue Brushed Cotton Shirt

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Our Take

We've taken your everyday, run-of-the-mill, blue button-down shirt up more than a few notches with this luxurious offering--exclusive to the HSS Shop--from Edward Sexton. How, you ask? Well, let's start with the fabric. An elegant and extraordinarily soft brushed Italian cotton. Believe us when we say it almost feels like cashmere. Next, let's talk about the button-down collar. If you find yourself asking, "what button-down collar?" we couldn't really fault you as it's not immediately visible. But, like all details, the ones you can't see are the most stylish. Our button down collar is of the hidden variety. Rather than buttoning all the way through the points, the button is fastened to the back of the point, creating an elegant stance with a stylishly subtle detail.

The Details

This exclusive Edward Sexton shirt is cut in a regular fit, is 100% cotton and comes with single stitched French seams, nine stitches per centimeter, mother of pearl buttons, swelled edges on the collar and cuffs, lilly stitched buttons for security with a shank for ease of fastening, split yoke and in-set sleeves to keep the front of the shirt looking crisp.

Fit Guide

To get your correct size, please refer to the sizing table below. The measurements listed are of the finished shirt. To ensure the best fit, we encourage you to compare the measurements to a shirt of your own that fits you well. To do so, lay your pressed shirt flat on a table with the buttons fastened and use a flexible tape measure. For accurate chest, waist and hip measurements, we recommend giving the shirt a firm pull along the line of measurement to ensure the fabric is lying completely flat. Finally, double your measurement to get the finished circumference. 

Sizing Chart (Click to enlarge)

edward sexton shirt size chart fit guide sizing

Material: 100% brushed Italian cotton satin
Care: Machine washable, launder with care

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